The winner of the Exclusive Art Contest gets a 6-day group exhibition at BBG, the dates of the specified exhibition are discussed additionally.

Winners of 6 Multimedia Art Contests get a 6-day multimedia group exhibition, and the winners' artworks are displayed on big screens at BBG.

And besides, each winner gets The Winning Appreciation Certificate and widely distributed advertising, that is: email marketing and our website and other social media publicity.


The winner of the Exclusive Art Contest confirms he (she) has at least 5 artworks for us to display at BBG. If it turns out to be impossible to provide 5 artworks or send them, the winner agrees to display his (her) artworks at multimedia group exhibition at BBG.

The winner of the Exclusive Art Contest is responsible for a representative view of his (her) exhibition collection. The winner of the Exclusive Art Contest sends the above-mentioned exhibition artworks to&out BBG at his (her) own expense.


The author retains ownership and copyright of all the artworks applied for the Contest, as governed by law. By applying to take part in the Art Contest, the author allows 6CONTEST and the Blue Blood Gallery to use images of his (her) artworks for marketing and advertising purposes.

By applying to take part in the Art Contest, each participant confirms his (her) majority and agrees to the use of personal data for marketing analytics and advertising purposes.


All the artworks are to be original, unique and created by the participant. All techniques and styles paintings, drawings, photography are accepted only. Digital art is accepted for Multimedia Art Contest only. Other types of Visual Arts are acceptable by a special permission of the Board of Experts: contact us in this case.

Having paid successfully, the applicant gets an email confirmation with a number of Application. Use the number in an email subject line to send us requests or questions.


Each Art Contest has its Honorable mention board with the most talented participants, whose artworks are published on 6CONTEST web site.

Each Contest has its theme, deadline for applying,
announcement of winner date published in Open Calls website section.

It is possible to sign a permanent contract to represent the winner's artworks at BBG.

Entry fees are not refundable after the end of applying time.


JPG format images, resolution 72 dpi & 1000 pxs of a smaller side are accepted for applying, the file should not be more than 1,5 Mb. Photos should be taken without flash, blur, watermarks or reflection, using soft day light. It is highly recommended to put your camera on a tripod to take a stable photo. Please check that the colors of the artwork match the photo.

It is also necessary to indicate the name of the participant, the title of the work, the size and technique.

Do you have questions?